Wood flooring and floor heating systems

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It is very interesting subject and I must say that also my favorite one about which I like to talk with my customers. It is a subject that is hidden under a veil of mystery. So let’s write about it a little more.

One time my friend who works with heating systems told me during the reconstruction of my attic apartment one beautiful sentence that resonates in my head till this day. He used this sentence when I overwhelmed him with questions on the subject of what type of heating I should use to an apartment and how I should regulate it most efficiently, that I read it in that and that article and he stopped me immediately with words: „Bro, it doesn’t matter what type of heating you will use but it must be made in the easiest way possible and logically, so don’t care about what you have read about various heating systems!“

From that time this sentence helped me with x problems that I had to solve. Shortly, if you read x articles and millions of reviews of how wood flooring is fantastically suitable for use with floor heating systems just forget it and let’s explain it easily without use of any numbers.

Let’s assume logically.Wood and a floor heating systems,does that sounding well together in your head? To me it doesn’t. Is wood an isolation material? It is. Do you want to heat your apartment or isolate the heating? If somebody buys floor heating, he or she probably wants to use the energy to heat the rooms. So we finished talking right? How simple. Above is shortly displayed that beauty is in simplicity. But to not leave it so vague I will add my own experiences.

I work in flooring business for 12 years and from that first two or three years it was told to me on every seminar about flooring and flooring chemistry that wood flooring is not in any case suitable for usage with floor heating systems. Suddenly one day came a seminar on which they pinned all the attendees with information that wood is suddenly suitable for usage with floor heating systems. Does that not seemsuspicions to you? It is clear that floor heating became very popular and so manufacturers of wood flooring started to lose profits and had no other way only to claim that there is some heat transmission in wood materials and they started to talk about and advertise wood flooring as suitable for the combination with floor heating systems because they would lose customers.

You can just learn from history. All old houses in Čičmany are built from wood and they were never thermally isolated because wood has its own attributes that predetermine it to be a building material and thermally isolative material. I would like to highlight that wood is definitely not the right material which will greatly transmit the heat from your floor heating systems.

Another thing I want to say. Wood is live material that always works and reacts on changes of temperature and mostly humidity. With floor heating will the wood be extremely dried from below and it can reflect on its shrinking.What will you as an amateur immediatelysee as a result of this are small rifts in between the blocks or planks of the flooring.

In the end let us clear out the facts. Of course that today we have such high quality glues and flooring chemistry that it is really not a problem to glue the wood on a floor heating system. Everything is about the priorities of the customer. If you want to walk on wood I will not stop you in your choice. If you want your floor heating to be really effective and as cost efficient as possible, then you don’t want to put wood flooring on it. I suggest in such case to use nicely manufactured vinyl flooring with a wood imitation or ceramics imitation or use ceramic tiles. And if I have to advice in between these two materials I would go for vinyl flooring.

Author: Soska Milan


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