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Why was blog – THE FLOORS.com created?

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My name is Milan Soska and for about 12 years I work in flooring and interior business. At first I was self-employed but later until this day I own company MS Interier Ltd. I decided to found the blog about flooring because of lack of knowledge about this problem from the side of my customers.

I would like to explain to public what they should be aware of, how they should prepare their foundations for different types of flooring, which types of flooring are suitable for floor heating systems etc. It is because the customer could not learn any relevant information from the marketing articles apart from that the advertised flooring is the best. I am also prepared to answer your questions or read about your experiences. I am willing to always learn new things and am not against new information while as we know practice makes perfect and nobody was born all knowing.

To be honest I have to address creation of this blog to the fact that people either don’t know or cannot see the difference in i.e. laminate flooring (not all laminate flooring is the same), in reconstruction of flooring (not all sanding of parquet is the same) or in wood flooring (not all wood flooring is the same) etc.

People nowadays, customers or better said investors have one similar priority – „the PRICE“. Well I buy laminate flooring and one costs 5,- € and the other 18,- €, both are laminate so it’s the same and only difference is in the price. Why would I invest 18 euros when it can cost me only 5 euros? I will say it short and clear: „Don’t expect miracles from cheap flooring!“

You have to realize that flooring is most important investment in housing because if you want it or not you use it all the time. That is why I would carefully decide choosing of flooring because it is not easy to move all furniture out of the house and change whole flooring later. You have built-in wardrobes there, doors, kitchen unit and so on. And all this is really not easy to move out of the rooms.

I am not saying that you should not buy cheap laminate flooring. It is clear that if you just want to make your current apartment nicer but you know that you will move soon to your dream house then you won’t invest into expensive flooring. I totally understand that you will go for „Baumax“ type of laminate flooring for 5,- €.

After some time I want to test individual brands of flooring and make video recordings of it that I want to share with you. I hope that it will be soon when I can share first video-test with you.

Shortly said in the end – with this blog I want to share my 12 years long experience from flooring business and I want to help people with choosing of flooring and I will also like to be educated by other professionals about other new technologies or just to read about their experiences that they would like to share here.

I welcome you to my blog about flooring.

Author: Soska Milan

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