What is a good replacement of scoria when reconstructing your parquet flooring?

scoria on the floor

If you decided to reconstruct your old parquet flooring and also to throw out the scoria that is often under the wood flooring in the apartment buildings then you were for sure confronted with a question what would be a good replacement for the scoria. There is definitely not many choices but you have to decide if you will choose a dry process or if you will prefer a wet process.

Replacement of the scoria with dry wood ecological granulate CEMWOOD

You can replace old scoria on your floor very fast with wood granulate with mineral coating CEMWOOD. You can made ground from it to height of 18cm and a huge advantage with this material is speed. More or less if you decide to reconstruct your floor in an apartment with exchanging of scoria, you can exchange it during the first day of reconstruction and install the flooring on second day. You can read more about this wood granulate CEMWOOD at www.cemwood.de where you will find all necessary information.

A short video about how you can use the new construction material EcoPearls, or CEMWOOD (they are the exact same materials)

Following video below is from my first job where I came across with this granulate personally and I have to say that it really is an exceptional material:

Replacement of scoria with a wood grill and OSB plank

With the dry process you replace the scoria with a wood grill. You have to calculate the height of the grill so you will get it to the same height that when you will put the flooring on it will be the same height as the next room or hallway.  I suggest you to make the grill with spaces around 30 cm wide. So the wood joists won’t be more than 30cm from each other. I also suggest you to fix the grill properly to the surface. Never just put it on the surface loosely. Wood likes to work and such unfixed grill can make a lot of trouble in the future by making unwanted sounds.

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Quick Step moved laminate flooring one step further

Do you know the  Belgium manufacturer of laminate flooring QUICK STEP? If not, don’t worry, I will shortly introduce them. Quick Step is one of the divisions of the UNILIN GROUP. Under UNILIN GROUP are other divisions as for example a division of vinyl flooring LIVYN, division of wood flooring, furniture planks and so on. For now we will be interested in the division of laminate flooring Quick Step.

The laminate flooring Quick Step belongs to the top quality and best crafted on the market. It is a courageous statement, I know that, but from my own experience I can tell that I never worked with better laminate flooring during my assembling works. I also visited the manufacturer personally where I could see that their laminate flooring is truly the Mercedes among the flooring. Quick Step has one credo: „What we do on our own, we do the best.“

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