How to fix cracks in the fry concrete layer?

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Many of you encountered this problem for sure. I mean the cracks in the fry concrete layer. You want to narrow the concrete layer by the self-leveling compound but you worry that there would be copied cracks.

Rest assured there is a solution to that in the form of patching silicate resin UZIN KR 516. It is a two compound resin without any smell. It serves for fixing the cracks in the concrete surface. Surfaced fixed by this resin can be narrowed by self-leveling compound and in this way you have ready surface for the final flooring.

Fixing the concrete is made like this: first we need to grind furrows for metal buckles in the places of the cracks (with diamond disc). Make the furrows in upright position and circa 15cm from each other. Then we put special metal buckles in these furrows. In the end we pour them with the UZIN KR 516. After the pouring of all the cracks we can also put silicate sand on it, so it will be more tough bridge between the concrete layer and the self-leveling layer.

If you will make all the major cracks with this then I assure you that there will be no copied cracks on the self-leveling layer.

Author: Soska Milan

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