When and how to restore a wooden parquet?

Brúsenie silne znečistených parkiet

Sanding of parquet is in these days a common way how to restore or repair old, originally putted parquet made of solid wood. Also I often come across with that people are calling us for restoration of their floors too late. What I am saying is that their floor is in such a wasted condition or there are locally certain places on the floor which are totally without the protective paint and additionally to that are the places blackened and deeply polluted.

What types of damage of wooden parquet do we know?

Damage of the parquet to the depth of the wood

Many of you probably know only that classic damaging of the parquet that means the condition of the floor so bad that we the repairmen have to do miracles to make the floor look decent again. So we are sanding all we can. But one must realize that every sanding of the parquet is lowering the durability of the floor. Because in these cases we have to sand around 2mm in extreme cases 3mm of the 10mm thick utility layer of the wooden floor.

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News and innovations of PERGO laminate flooring

Novinky výrobcu podláh PERGO

As I mentioned in one article before: company PERGO came up with laminate flooring itself about 35 years ago. So only to PERGO we can be grateful for laminate flooring and that we can walk on it and come across with it at many places even until these days. I want to mention that brand PERGO owns huge amount of patents concerning laminate flooring. In this year they come to the market with news and innovations that I want to write more about in this article because these puts PERGO a level higher.

Technology of pressed „V“ groove

It is a revolution in manufacturing of laminate flooring with shown „V“ groove on our market. This technology is not used by any other brand on the world, only exception is Quick Step and PERGO of course. Other brands manufacture „V“ grooves by milling. The panel of laminate is pressed, cut into planks and after that grooves are milled.

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PERGO flooring and contemporary fashion trends

Modne trendy v podlahách PERGO

In this article I want to write about how the individual tones of PERGO laminate flooring are created and what influences them. Probably not many of you thought about who decides which tones of flooring will be manufactured and more importantly- why are floors in these colors manufactured? So let’s make it more clear to us and write more about what is important for the designers of PERGO laminate flooring and from where they have their inspiration.

„Wow“ effect

The designers from PERGO factory are creating individual tones of flooring in a way so that can spark an interest in a customer on the first sight – so called wow effect. In other words the colors are designed to be likeable on the first sight.

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Why and how to oil the wood floor?

Olejovaná drevená podlaha

Oiling of wood floors, either if it’s massive or parquet blocks floor and also stairs, is very important process. It will ensure filling of the pores in the structure of the wood and protect the wood from humidity and water. There are a lot of brands of floor oils available on the market – they are divided to basic oils with the filling attribute and upper protective oils suitable to be walked on. Manufacturers offer also tinting oils, which include various shades and also restoring supporting oils. Main goal of these oils is to restore the look and surface of a wood floor, so called refresh-oils.

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